1. #IceCold 😂😂


  2. #ShotsNSelfies - Montevallo, AL.. (at University of Montevallo)


  3. Wheels up 2 Ala, U_Of_Montevallo.. #Work (at Charlotte International Airport (CLT), Charlotte, North Carolina)


  4. w/ the homie @MKG14 for the #UberSchool supplies drive.. #Hornets


  5. ATL come out to Vibe lounge tonight and catch me and the homie @doubleedoublee performing #ShotsNSelfies for the Status Vodka launch party..


  6. #ShotsNSelfies - UBar live.. @doubleedoublee @scootywoot @sigidysam (at The U Bar)


  7. Elevate.. #XXXSomething


  8. She’s one now. #LatePost - Happy BDay Londyn


  9. Hawaii selfies.. @veewess @jaybreze


  10. Get your copy of “The ReUp2 (Summer Edition)” on iTunes for only $2.99!!!